About us

eSafeuser is a premier Security Training and Compliance organization

  • eSafeuser was co-founded by the "R" group with a vision to deliver security to all users.
  • At eSafeuser we utilize experts from the Information Technology  industry. We specialize in Cyber Security Training and Compliance.
  • We surveyed professionals across various environments who interact with technology daily and we identified the weakest link within the security chain is the average end-user.
  •  We feel it is imperative to get involved rather than just hope other's will do due diligence to protect and secure digital resources.
  • We are on a mission to educate one user at a time to ensure they are able to protect their personal identifiable information.
  • The end result is the end-user will become more security conscious and armed with tools and knowledge to defend their personal identifiable information and they will ultimately defend your organization.