Keeping Your Mobile Safe (CS004)
Keeping Your Mobile Safe (CS004)
Who could have predicted that the sum total of all knowledge in the world would be accessible through a tiny device that we all keep in our pockets? Even fewer could’ve predicted that we only seem to use it to watch cute kitty videos. Totally...
The Risks of Ransomware (CS005)
The Risks of Ransomware (CS005)
It’s been a stalwart of movie plots since cinema began: Bad guy kidnaps the love interest of the main protagonist, demands an impossible ransom, and hero has to try and save the day. When it happens on screen for your entertainment, it’s...
Network Security and Cloud Computing (CS006)
Network Security and Cloud Computing (CS006)
Would you leave your house without first checking that all windows and doors are locked? Of course you wouldn’t, unless you live in a magical dreamland. Maybe you have a strong alarm system or motion detectors in place, too. These are vital and...
Phishing and Anti-Spam Software (CS007)
Phishing and Anti-Spam Software (CS007)
Ever received an email from your bank which seems to be legit but, well, there’s something off about it? Maybe it starts with, “Dear valued customer” instead of using your name? If you have received anything like this, then it’s likely...
Internet of Things Attacks (CS009)
Internet of Things Attacks (CS009)
Imagine a world where you can feed your cat or dog remotely via your cell phone and the thermostat is set to your ideal, toasty temperature. Wait a minute – we already live in that world! Yep, the future, aka the Internet of Things, is here and...
Security and Compliance Audits (CS010)
Security and Compliance Audits (CS010)
Risk is everywhere. Just by having your morning shower, you risk getting shampoo in your eyes and being temporarily blinded by soapsuds. But it isn’t just humans who are at risk. Computer networks are also highly vulnerable and susceptible...

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